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Since gambling requires money, it can feel great to find money you can use to play in your account, and one way of doing so is by getting casino bonuses. However, you must be careful because some casinos have more disadvantages than advantages. So, how do you choose the right ones for you? Here is all you need to know about casino bonuses to make wise and informed decisions.

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Online Casino Bonus Guide

If you are new to the online casino world, you might not be familiar with online casino bonuses. Traditionally, casino bonuses have included perks like free hotel rooms, show tickets, drinks, or buffets. But what rewards can you expect when playing remotely? This online casino bonus guide will help you understand everything you need to know. It covers the different types of bonuses available, how to choose the best ones, their advantages and disadvantages, and more. Dive in to make the most of your online casino experience!

What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are incentives provided by casinos to attract new players, encourage existing ones to play more, and reward loyalty. These bonuses come in various forms, typically as cash or free spins. However, to claim online casino bonuses, you must meet specific terms and conditions as a player, such as wagering requirements. Once these requirements are met, the casino will credit the agreed bonus amount or free spins to the player’s account, depending on the promotion type.

New Player Bonuses as A Turning Point

Most new players are trying out gaming for the first time. That is why having a bonus can be a turning point. For example, a bonus that allows them to play without depositing a dime can encourage beginners to get started. It is not risky since no funds are involved, and that may be the push they have been looking for to begin their gaming journey. It is also a turning point that makes new players join the site. If an online casino does not offer bonuses, it may struggle to attract new players for obvious reasons.

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Casino Bonuses for Beginners

Here is a discussion of the casino bonuses that new players should be keen not to miss.

Welcome Bonuses

It is the most popular option because it attracts new players. Most players will settle for platforms with the offer instead of the ones without. How and when you get the bonus depends on the casino’s terms and conditions. For instance, you may have to deposit funds to claim it. It can apply to the first deposit or across several deposits, too. A welcome bonus can entail a fixed amount, free spins, deposit matches or a combination.

No Deposit Bonuses

Other sites have no deposit bonuses, popularly called a casino sign-up bonus. All you should do is sign up for the platform, and you will receive the bonus in your account. In other words, you do not have to deposit any funds to claim it; hence, it is not risky and easy to get. Regardless of the outcome of a round, you will not have incurred any loss since the money was not yours. On the other hand, you can pocket huge winnings without spending a dime if you are lucky to play well.

Free Spins

These are bonuses only available for slot tables. You get an opportunity to spin the games’ reels at no cost. The casino usually specifies the slot you can play using the free spins. Sometimes, you can only use it when playing games from a particular provider; hence, it is pretty restrictive. Regardless, you can still win big without paying anything if you meet the wagering requirements of the free spin casino.

Match Deposit Bonuses

If this bonus is available, a new player receives a bonus for depositing funds into their account. The amount matches a certain percentage of your deposit, and there is usually a maximum winning amount. It applies to the first deposit, although some platforms allow you to claim it for up to the fourth or fifth deposits after signing in. If you deposit $100 and the bonus offers a 100% match, you get double your deposit in your account.

Cashback Bonuses

Most sites understand that it can be challenging for new players to win. So, they will offer them cashback bonuses to reduce the loss. It is often a certain percentage of your net losses. At other times, it can be a percentage of the amount wagered, which is equally significant.

Loyalty And VIP Bonuses

Whether you get this reward depends on your loyalty to the platform. After all, you get points for being active on the platform through various activities. The typical activities that can earn this bonus include participating in casino tournaments, depositing funds or playing games. VIP casino rewards are for members with a high number of points. One can redeem the points for money or cashback deals. Other benefits include early access to new games and invite to specific events.

Mobile Exclusive Bonuses

As the name suggests, the casino bonus only applies to mobile device players. You will most likely receive them after downloading the casino’s app.

Refer-a-friend Bonuses

Lastly, we have the refer-a-friend bonus, and the name says it all. You will receive a bonus for referring your friend to the platform with the offer. Your amount depends on the funds they deposit or wager after your referral. Depending on the online casino, it can be a one-time bonus or a lifetime one.

How To Pick a Right Casino Bonus?

To choose the best online casino bonus, consider the following things crucial.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Each sign-up bonus has terms and conditions which apply to other casino bonuses. It is crucial to read these terms and conditions diligently before you claim any bonus. Ensure you understand these terms since the conditions will determine how you wager. Otherwise, failure to read or understand can make you choose the wrong bonus. Your bonus offer will expire if you do not adhere to the time limit. Confirm the time you need to meet your wagering requirements. That is usually 7 to 30 days, depending on the online casino. If everything else is constant, the longer the wagering time limit is, the better it is for obvious reasons.

Budget Considerations

Remember that you can only stake what you can afford to lose. So, can you imagine having a bonus that requires you to deposit an amount beyond your budget to claim it? It can be tempting, but that is not recommended. As you choose your budget, always ensure it is within your means, regardless of how lucrative it may seem. Responsible gambling is always about avoiding chasing wins or losses.

Options For Payments

If you get a casino sign-up bonus, some sites specify payment methods. So, one of the terms and conditions will be a list of acceptable or unacceptable payment methods. If none of the payment methods are applicable, it will not matter despite meeting all the other considerations. In other words, you will not get the bonus in the end and chasing it will only be a waste of time. In other cases, your bonus is lower than the transaction cost the eligible payment methods charge. The minimum withdrawal method may also be too high compared to the bonus and the possible wins. So, consider the payment aspect before choosing and celebrating any casino bonus.

Wagering Requirements Overview

It is one of the significant deal-breakers when it comes to these rewards. The best online casino bonuses should have considerable wagering requirements. After all, this aspect determines how easily you can convert the bonus into real money. Wagering requirements dictate the number of times one must play through their online casino bonus. Do the math to determine how much you will spend to access your rewards. For instance, if a bonus worth $100 has an x10 wagering requirement, you must wager up to $1000 to access your winnings.

Remember that the wagering requirement determines the bonus value. People often focus on the welcome bonuses’ sizes instead of the corresponding wagering requirement. Did you know that as lucrative as a $200 bonus may look, if its wagering requirement is x35, it is less valuable than a $100 one if the wagering requirement is x10? So, never overlook this aspect when it comes to these casino rewards.

Game Limits And Bonus Use

How can you use your bonus? For instance, since that is inapplicable, you cannot use your no-deposit free spins to play some games such as the dice ones. So, a universal bonus is usually much better than one that limits your usage. Sometimes, you cannot even use your bonus spin to play all the slot titles. On the contrary, the betting platform lists the games you can play using the bonus. Confirm that the given list matches your gaming needs when choosing a bonus. Be keen on how well you can play these games, too, since that increases your chances of winning.

Casino Reputation Check

Some online platforms offer fake welcome casino bonuses to entice innocent players to join their platforms. Others will not honor their word despite a gamer meeting all the terms and conditions. Ensure this is not the case with the platform from which you want to claim a bonus. It will waste your time, money, and effort, hence avoiding such sites. Other customers’ reviews can help you determine whether a no-deposit casino has a good or a bad reputation. Listen to what several people say about it and decide whether it is worth gambling your hard-earned money on.

Licensing And Security Verification

Besides focusing on an online casino with free spins, ensure it is also licensed. If a casino has a license, it operates legally in Canada, and there is a high chance of offering legitimate bonuses, too. It adheres to the country’s gambling regulations and is reliable enough to share personal information and deposit money. It is also secure, thus protecting your information, including transaction details and funds. So, when choosing a bonus, consider such crucial information because it makes a huge difference.

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How To Get and Apply Your Casino Bonuses?

As a new player, it is understandable that you may not know how to get and apply your casino bonuses. Fortunately, here is a step-by-step guide to get started at the Welcome Bonus Casino.

Pluses of casino bonuses

Pluses Of Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses have their merits, including the following;

No Wagering Requirements.

The best casino bonus one can get is the one without wagering requirements. It means you have more control in turning the bonus into real money. After all, some wagering requirements are pretty steep, thus making it hard to benefit from them regardless of how lucrative they seem.

Unlimited Wins, No Additional Fees

The best online casino bonuses also do not limit how much you can win if you wager using your bonus. That is good news for players since they can win as much as possible. If the bonus does not require you to deposit to claim it, that is even better for you. After all, you can win big without incurring any additional fees. You get to wager without spending a penny from the pocket, and that is something gamers appreciate.

Easy, Flexible Withdrawal Options

You will receive casino rewards after meeting all the bonus terms and conditions. First, the conditions you must meet to withdraw these funds are often reasonable. After receiving it, you will not have difficulty withdrawing your funds either. Most casinos have various payment methods for ease and flexibility during withdrawals. The withdrawal limits and speeds are also impressive. However, as you choose, note that some sites limit withdrawal methods for bonuses and associated winnings.

Minimum Deposit Needed

A no-deposit bonus casino does not need this limit. The minimum is also set for most casino bonuses that require you to deposit to earn them. Most of these limits are reasonable, too, with casino bonuses since they can be as low as $10, which is excellent, especially if you are low on cash. Again, it may be higher than that, depending on the casino you choose.

Quick Access to Free Spin

An online casino with free spins bonuses lets you quickly access one and play your favourite slot game. Besides making them available, most sites make them easily accessible, so you hardly miss a chance to enjoy this bonus. Which gamer does not like a free spin, even occasionally?

Welcome Offers for Newbies

A newbie can also enjoy a welcome casino bonus if a platform offers such offers. It is an excellent way of getting started since beginners do not often have much money to place their bets. Besides, gambling is risky, especially if one is a novice. However, welcome offers mean you can explore the gaming platform and its games collection without taking much risk.

No Restrictions on Winnings or Costs

Casino bonuses usually do not restrict how much you can win using free Spins Canada or other bonuses. It means one can win huge rewards without using pocket money. You do not incur extra costs to enjoy the bonus bingo.

Minuses Of Casino Bonuses

Equally important, some casino bonuses have their demerits. The most common ones include the following;

Short Expiry Periods

In most cases, a player has to use a casino bonus within a particular time. Sometimes, these periods are relatively short, thus increasing the chances of many gamers missing the window. The worst part is that there is no second chance for some bonuses, which is a big miss.

Narrow Game Range

Sometimes, you can only use free spins or other bonuses to play specific games. So, it might feel like a waste of a great reward if you cannot use your bonus to play your favorite games. The games you can play using the bonuses are not much either; thus, they are somewhat unfair.

Hidden Extra Costs

Sometimes, the figure the bonus claims to offer is not what the player pockets eventually. After all, there are hidden extra costs, meaning a gamer gets less than he should.

Slow Payout of Bonuses

One can look at the issue of the slow payout of bonuses from several perspectives. The first is the terms and conditions to adhere to when turning your bonus into withdrawable funds. Sometimes, the wagering conditions are too steep to the extent that it takes you forever to claim your bonus. In other instances, winnings associated with bonuses are not processed as fast as typical ones. Lastly, despite meeting the terms and conditions of getting a bonus, there is a high chance the reward will not reflect on your account immediately. That can be inconvenient and frustrating for obvious reasons.


New player bonuses are generally available across most regions in Canada. However, availability can vary depending on provincial regulations. Ontario, for example, has specific licensing requirements that online casinos must meet. Despite these regional differences, most reputable online casinos offer new player bonuses to players in various provinces.

Casinos frequently update their bonus offers to stay competitive and attract new players. These updates can occur monthly or even more frequently, depending on promotional strategies and market demands. New offers may include enhanced match bonuses, additional free spins, or exclusive promotions tied to new game releases or special events. Check our website regularly to stay informed about the latest bonus offers from the top casinos​​.

Most online casinos do not allow new players to combine different bonus offers unless explicitly stated in the casino’s terms and conditions. However, some casinos offer sequential bonuses, where players can claim a new bonus after meeting the wagering requirements of the initial offer.